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Maui Rentals Campervan on tour in the South IslandTo get about the cities, public transport is efficient and taxis are metered although a lot can be seen on foot.

Unless you take an organised coach tour, we recommend a self-drive holiday. It's the ideal way to get around, giving you the freedom to go where you want and when. The roads are excellent and are posted with good signs. The driving is easy - you may drive for miles without passing another car.

Tourists may drive if they have a valid home country driving licence for the same class of vehicle.

Cars drive on the left side of the road (just remember 'passenger kerb-side').

If you're accustomed to driving on the right hand side of the road and worried about coordinating the new driving experience, request a car with automatic transmission.

Rental CarRental cars are available at international airports and major resorts, and are easily arranged from all hotels and motels although it can work out cheaper to book as part of your holiday package.

MotorhomeMotorhomes are a great option for those who want maximum flexibility in exploring all parts of New Zealand and we are able to arrange this type of holiday for you.

For those who like the company of others and have the sights and scenery organised but relaxed, a coach tour in air-conditioned comfort may be preferred.

There are internal flights between the major centres and a ferry links the North and South islands (a car can be taken on board).

There are more than 80 independently-owned visitor information centres throughout New Zealand, all coordinated by the NZ Tourism Board. Staff are committed to providing visitors with accurate and objective information about where to go and what to see. This Visitor Information Network has a distinctive logo and a large, green…

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