New Zealand Weather & Climate

Situated between 37 and 47 degrees south of the Tropic of Capricorn, New Zealand enjoys moderate weather and a maritime climate. Both the North and South Islands experience mild temperatures and moderate rainfall with plenty of sunny days.

Further north the weather is subtropical through summer while average temperatures decrease the further south you get. Inland alpine areas of the south can get as cold as -10�C in winter however most of the country lies close to the coast, meaning that temperatures generally remain mild.

January and February are the warmest months in New Zealand while July is the coldest month of the entire year. In summer, average maximum temperatures generally fall between 20-30�C and between 10-15�C in winter.

Although relatively mild, New Zealand�s weather can change quickly and unexpectedly therefore it is recommended you be prepared when undertaking outdoor activities. Whilst New Zealand�s average rainfall is high, it is spread out evenly throughout the year producing areas of beautiful native forest.

New Zealand�s weather and climate is of great significance to its people as many locals make their living off the land. Due to its abundant rainfall, New Zealand is ideal for farming and horticulture however the climate is dominated by the mountains and the sea, the two main geographical features.

You can check on weather conditions in New Zealand on the New Zealand Met Service website.

New Zealand Climate

Bay of Islands
Temp (C)19/925/1421/1116/7
Temp (F)67/4876/5670/5261/45
Rain days1171116
Temp (C)18/1124/1220/1315/9
Temp (F)65/5275/5468/5559/48
Rain days1281115
Temp (C)17/724/1218/913/4
Temp (F)63/4575/5465/4855/39
Rain days119913
Temp (C)15/920/1317/1112/6
Temp (F)59/4868/5563/5254/43
Rain days1171013
Temp (C)17/722/1218/812/3
Temp (F)63/4572/5465/4654/37
Rain days7777
Temp (C)16/522/1016/610/1
Temp (F)61/4172/5061/4350/34
Rain days9887

Mean daily maximum/minimum temperatures

New Zealand Weather Forecast - Wellington

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