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Ten Good Reasons To Play Golf In Algarve With Friends

The Algarve is well prepared to overseas visitors coming to its beautiful environment to play golf. The first courses were built half a century ago and since then more and more have been designed to cater for the increased demand from golfers from throughout Europe, especially the UK. There are many reasons to consider the Algarve for a golfing holiday:

  • There are regular direct flights from most regional airports further north.

  • Flight times do not exceed three hours so it is possible to fly and play on the same day, and the reverse on the day of departure. It makes the Algarve ideal for a weekend away from home.

  • The Algarve climate is excellent. When courses may be in poor condition in winter at home that will not be the case in the Algarve. For most of the year you can expect to play in short sleeves, even shorts in contrast to the need for woollens, hats and waterproofs further north during winter months.

  • There are plenty of accommodation alternatives within all budget levels.

  • Some hotel and golf facilities mean you can have a leisurely breakfast before heading for the first tee.

  • Many courses offer practice facilities and expert coaching for individuals and groups.

  • There are Championship courses with an established reputation as well as newer courses of varying difficulty. You can balance your choice of courses to reflect the ability of your group of friends so that everyone will enjoy the experience.

  • The Algarve is a fairly compact region. If you decide to travel any distance to play you will be able to organist transfers or car rental, whichever you prefer.

  • There is plenty of action away from the course. If you are looking to relax why not do that on the beach; the sea is very inviting?

  • Portuguese cuisine is excellent with sardines a particular speciality. Fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and olive oil are central to the diet and local wine a great accompaniment.

The Algarve ticks all the boxes when it comes to a great golf break with friends. There is plenty of information online and experienced companies happy to help and advise you along the way. They will make all your arrangements if you so wish and quote you prices involved in different alternatives. It could not be easier to get away from home for a memorable experience.

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