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Top 7 Reasons To Try Out Gramacho Golf Course Algarve

The Gramacho Golf Course is part of the Pestana golfing complex and is gaining quite a reputation on the Algarve golfing circuit. Here are 7 reasons that will convince you to book a tee time at Gramacho this summer:

  1. Major Designers
  2. The course was designed by perhaps the best ball striker of the past 30 years, Nick Price. Price is a former world number 1 and winner of 3 major championships. He is remembered more for putting the middle of the clubface on the back of the ball more consistently than any other professional player.

  3. Sister Courses
  4. The Gramacho course is part of the Pestana Golf Resort range so you have plenty of other great courses nearby to choose from: Silves, Vila Sol, are just a few. If you want to take your game to another course, it's only a few paces away.

  5. 9-Iron or 3-Wood to the same Hole
  6. If you still want variety but you want to stay at Gramacho, the course offers 27 greens, 18 holes and various teeing points, This allows you to play the same hole but change the angle of approach one day, change the distance to mix up your club selection another. Maybe one day you want to practice your long irons. The next day you want to groove your short game so you'll want 9-iron approaches into the greens.

  7. Professional pedigree
  8. Gramacho has hosted the Portuguese Ladies Open various times so you can be sure you'll get a good test of golf. After all, if it's good enough for the best female players in Europe...Just be sure to check the date of the tournament on the European Ladies' Tour website to avoid the crowds.

  9. Location
  10. The course is close to Carvoeiro (a small fishing village) where you can get a feel for an authentic Portuguese experience. Various beaches are not too far away either if you want to sunbathe and jet ski.

  11. Plenty to do for Non-Golfers
  12. The site boasts a bowling green, basketball court, restaurant (international or traditional Portuguese), Tennis Courts, and so on. While you are on the course, lost in your round, your children and significant other won't even notice you've been gone.

  13. Online Tee Times
  14. Make sure you book the tee far in advance (anywhere from two to nine months in advance) to avoid disappointment. When booking is just a click away on your tablet computer, there is no excuse for leaving it to the last minute.

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