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New Zealand Adventure.

Hiking, Nelson Lakes National ParkAdventure is a very personal thing. While some people get an adrenalin rush climbing a ladder, others can sleep on a rollercoaster.
New Zealand has something for every thrillseeker.
Your humble writer has sampled some of New Zealand's soft adventures including abseiling, blackwater rafting, skiing, quad bikes, jetboating and swimming with dolphins.

I'm yet to throw myself out of a plane (although I was tempted in Taupo and Queenstown - what a view!) and there's no way I'll ever dive off a bridge with a rope around my ankles.

New Zealand invented bungy jumping and jetboating and recently it Zorbing, Rotoruacame up with two new thrills, Zorbing and River Bugging.
The Zorb is a giant plastic ball. Zorbonauts dive into the middle of the Zorb and throw themselves into a cocoon as the Zorb hurtles down a hill. Imagine being in a large tumble drier with scenery racing past you.
River Bugging is a bit gentler. The Bug is an inflatable tube which you sit in like an armchair and then propel yourself down the river with flippers and your hands.

Here's what New Zealand offers for those after an adrenalin rush and post-holiday dinner party conversation (prices are in NZ$)…

Return to topHorse Treks
Horse treks cost from $15/$20 an hour to $95 for a full day and can be found in Waipu, Bay of Islands, Helensville near Auckland, Coromandel, Rotorua, Waitomo Napier, Hastings, Gisborne, various spots near Taupo and just outside Wellington. On the South Island - various spots in the Marlborough region, just outside Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin.

Return to topKayaking/Canoeing
Sea Kayaking, Milford SoundSea Kayaking can be tried from Paihia in the Bay of Islands, and Nelson (north of the South Island). The cost: from $40 for a half day, $60 for a full day. Fresh water kayaking in the Coromandel ($60 a half day trip) and on Lake Taupo ($70 a half day). Kayak beautiful Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound in the South from $39.

Return to topScuba Diving
Diving the Rainbow Warrior WreckThe Poor Knights Islands is considered one of the world's top 5 dive spots and the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior wreck is also in the Bay of Islands. Dives cost around $150 for a full day trip including all gear. You can also dive Pelorus Sound, Queen Charlotte Sound and Kenepuru Sound and explore the Mikail Lermontov, a cruise liner that sunk off the coast in 1986 (as close to the Titanic as any recreational diver will get!). For a different type of dive, there's the Waikato River near Taupo where you can hunt catfish (costs from $65 per person). In New Plymouth, dives cost as little as $25.

Return to topSwimming With Dolphins
Whale Watch, KaikouraA gentle adventure for anyone who can swim and doesn't mind the smell of fish. Even if you don't want to get wet, these trips will get you up close and personal with delightful dolphins. From Paihia in the Bay of Islands ($85 per adult) and Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty. In the south, from Greymouth ($85 from October to April) and all year round at Kaikoura.
 Whale watching is also possible on these cruises at certain times of the year with a very high sighting rate at Kaikoura.

Return to topSky Diving
SkydivingA tandem jump in Paihia, Bay of Islands, costs $175; Helensville near Auckland ($170); Rotorua ($225); Taupo ($165); Masterton ($220 tandem, $190 solo with 4 hour course). In the South Island: Nelson, Westport and Greymouth ($140); Methven near Christchurch ($245 tandem); Queenstown ($225).

Return to topAbseiling
Lake Wakatipu, South IslandPackages in West Auckland start at $45 for beginners; in the Wellington region head to Taihape or Palmerston North ($15). For a guided thrill, there's the abseil into The Lost World in Waitomo - 100m or 335ft into prehistoric wonderland. Lost World also run Haggas Honking Holes which also includes some caving and cave rafting (from $125).

Return to topFour Wheel Bikes
You don't have to have ridden a bike or have great balance, just a desire for speed and a don't care attitude to dirt - West Auckland from $85 for 1 hour, at Whitianga in the Coromandel ($150 for a 4 hour safari); Rotorua from $35; Taupo from $50; in Napier from October to April from $95. In the South Island - Nelson from $35 and Wanaka ($35 to $120)

Hot Air Ballooning, ChristchurchHot Air Ballooning
Take a gentle float over Albany near Auckland or Napier for $195. In the South, from Methven near Christchurch for $200.

Rap Jumping
There's a unique rap jump off the Auckland Novotel Hotel building ($50 for 1 jump, $75 for 3) and in Rotorua it's $50 for 3 jumps.

Huka Jetboat, WairakeiJetboating
You'll find jetboating all around the country - basically wherever there's a large river or lake. Prices range from $25 to $50 an hour.

Cave Rafting
Sounds extreme but its not. You'll get wet, you'll get tired but you'll have fun!
In Waitomo on the North Island from $50 and Westport in the South Island ($70).

Return to topBungy
Bungy Jumping, TaupoYou're mad. Absolutely. But hey, you already knew that… In the north you can bungy from Taupo ($90) and Mangaweka near Wellington ($25). In the south, there's Bungy and The Big Swing at Golden Bay ($85 or $150 for both), Hanmer Springs near Christchurch ($89) and Queenstown ($100 to $170). For a real thrill, take a night bungy from The Ledge at the top of Bob's Peak, 400 metres above the lights of Queenstown. There are Bungee Rocket operations in Tauranga on the Bay of Plenty ($30) and in Christchurch ($35).

Return to topWhite Water Rafting
Rafting, Kaituna River, RotoruaFrom Rotorua down the unspoilt wilderness of the Motu River (from $49); from Taupo from $70. In the South, wherever there's water you'll find white bits and rafts ($50 to $75

Fly By Wire
The closest you'll get to being a bird - from Wellington ($129) and Queenstown ($129 for a ten minute flight).

Mountain Biking
In the north, from Taupo ($45 for a guided trip, $10 an hour for hire). In the south, Wanaka ($70 a half day trip and $95 for a full day).

Return to topRiver Bugging
A half day bugging will cost you $57 from Murchison.

Return to topZorbing
Throw yourself inside a giant beachball at Rotorua - costs $30 for the first ride and $15 for extra rides.


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