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Alamos Golf: How To Get The Best Experience For Cheap

Until a couple of decades ago only the elite traveled the world for vacation and holidays. The main reason – only they could afford foreign vacations. Things have changed. Today, the tourism industry banks on the middle class to make a profit or at least stay afloat.

Unlike the rich, the people belonging to the middle class are constantly on the lookout for concessions and cheap holiday packages. They can cut costs at every corner – from flight tickets to golf course green fees. In this article, we are going to see a brief introduction of the Alamos Golf Course and also discuss how to play golf at the Alamos Golf for cheap.

The Alamos Golf Course

I must admit the Alamos Golf and the Morgado Golf make fine sister courses. Both are located just north of Portimao. Even though the two are perched side by side, they are unique and different in many aspects.

The two key notable features of the Alamos Golf are the spectacular views it offers of the Monchique Mountains and surrounding farmland, and the two lakes that dominate the landscape. Out of the two courses, the Alamos Golf is the shorter one with a par of 71. But, what it lacks in size, it makes up in quality.

The thing that makes the Alamos Golf Course special is the irregular fairways. The shorter, tighter holes with the irregular fairways make this a challenging course to conquer. This course has just half the number of bunkers of Morgado Golf, but they are deep and tough to escape. The greens at this course are regular but smaller in size.

How to get the best experience for cheap

The Alamos Golf will test every one of your golf skills and we guarantee you’ll love playing on this complex course. If you are worried about the green fee rates then there are a few ways to cut costs.

The course receives very few guests in August. What this means is they would be willing to offer concessions to attract golfers during the lean months (low season). Actually, the management cuts the golf rates almost by half for the low season. Players can also contact the club to ask if they offer discount rates for booking tee times for early morning sessions and twilight sessions.

The course provides rental trolley, clubs, balls, and buggy services. You can save money by opting out of these services. Similarly, by not visiting the bar and restaurant at the club you can play more golf for cheap.

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