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Golf only Packages Algarve: How To Get The Best Deal Possible

The best ways to grab discounts explained

Golf is understandably an expensive sport; it takes a lot of money and efforts to maintain a golf course. That is why; you have to shell out significant amount of money to play golf, especially in golf destinations like Algarve. Moreover, if you visit during the golf seasons, there is huge crowd and tee times are at their peak. However, there are many ways to save money on golf packages if you act smart and follow the tips given below to have the best deal.

Discounts on accommodations

When you go to a travel agent to have a golf package, the first thing you can do is to save on your accommodation. Ask for a golf package, which offers cheap and best rooms to rent. Since you are going for a golf vacation, it does not make sense to rent an expensive hotel, which is going to be vacant for more than half the day. You can also keep checking the websites of star properties; they offer discounts for a limited period many a times.

Look for discounted tee times

Explore the websites of different golf courses. If you come across discounted tee times by any chance, book it right away. Tee times offers are launched for a limited period. Furthermore, the tee times for early evenings and early mornings are heavily discounted.

Practice putting and chipping free

Many public courses offer putting and free chipping areas. You can utilize these facilities to improve your short game skills; it helps to improve the score and helps to eliminate the three- putts. Similarly, you can improve your chipping skills in these courses. These facilities help you lower your score and enjoy the game at the same time.

Take group lessons

Before you start your round of golf, you may want to learn from the professionals at the golf course in Algarve. Several golf academies in the region offer golfing lessons. You can take these lessons in groups to save on the fees since the professional golfers charge significantly for the lessons. You can convince your amateur golfer friends to join you. The divided fees will put lesser stress on you as well as your friends.

How to find more discount on tee times

If you book your tee times on weekdays than on weekends, you will find much difference in green fees. Try to visit Algarve a month before or after the golfing season to grab the best deals. Junior and senior golfers are also offered more discounts.

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