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Five Simple Things To Make My Golf Breaks Unforgettable

  1. Pick the right crowd
  2. It is always the people that make an experience memorable. The location is important but it comes a distant second. You want to avoid going on a golfing holiday with the following types of people: chronic complainers, people who are cheap or overly pessimistic. With your family, you don't have a choice but with your peer group, you do.

  3. Pick a course to suit your abilities and fitness levels
  4. You don’t want to book a course for you golfing holiday that is too long or too narrow for your game. Neither do you want a course that is too hilly and will tired you out. Many golfers get a nasty surprise when they arrive at their golfing holiday destination to see a course with huge undulations and slopes.

  5. Focus on the golf, don’t try to do too much
  6. The majority of people fall into the trap of doing too much rather than too little on their golf holiday. You can have a great sightseeing holiday, learn about the country and see many places. Or you can have a great golfing holiday. But you can’t have both at the same time. Decide in advance which one you want. If you decide that having a great golf holiday is your number 1 priority, get the course right and pre-arrange your tee times.

  7. The goldilocks length of holiday
  8. You could book a three day golf break, but with flights and transfers, you will just be getting into your golfing groove and it will be time to go home. They can be great if you can only get away for a weekend but it will feel like traveling on speed. On the other end of the scale, 14 days can be too much golf and you'll feel like a man after eating too much at an all you can eat buffet and eating yourself to death. 7-10 days is the perfect period of time so aim for one round of golf a day during a seven to ten day period.

  9. Bring you’re A-game
  10. It's true that you are not playing golf for a living and you just want to enjoy your game, but everybody enjoys it more when they play better. But trying to improve your game in one lesson with an Algarve pro the day you arrive is too late. Aim to take once or twice a week for 4-6 before you leave.

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