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5 Legendary Golf Holes You Need To Play In Portugal

Give golfers just one good reason to visit a golf course; they’ll become visitors for life. Golf course designers have been using this principle every time they create a golf course. What we’re referring is the signature holes or the unforgettable holes in each golf course. These are holes that are unique to that particular golf course; holes that give the players maximum pleasure and maximum challenge. Today, we’ll discuss a few legendary or most talked about golf holes in Portugal.

Aroeira Golf II, Lisbon

We’ll begin the list with the golf hole near Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. At Aroeira Golf II, players can expect every conceivable hazard and obstacle. Apart from the bunkers and sand traps, players will have to also deal with 5 large lakes. Here the 4th-hole demands the maximum attention of the players. To conquer this par-5 masterpiece, golfers have to negotiate bunkers and pine trees to reach the green. The architect of the Aroeira Golf II, Donald Steel has made sure players have a tough second shot with the not so easily visible green.

Penha Longa Atlantico, Sintra

The Penha Longa Atlantico is among the top 30 golf courses in Europe. This fantastic golf course is built on a sloping terrain and offers a gorgeous sight of the sea from the Sintra Mountains. The signature hole of this course is the 16th, which is also the toughest in Penha Longa. Players need to be fearless to conquer this challenging hole. Robert Trent Jones has done an excellent job designing this par-4 masterpiece.

Golden Eagle Golf, Obidos

The Golden Eagle Golf in Obidos has two signature holes; double the fun for golfers. The first is the par-4, 7th-hole with a doglegged layout. To get to the green, hit a straight drive landing at the center of the fairway. From there you need to face the challenge of the pine trees to reach the green. This particular hole is also referred as the “Pine Tree Hole”. Equally, challenging is the par-5, 8th-hole, which is also the longest in the course.

San Lorenzo Golf Course, Algarve

The 17th-hole of the San Lorenzo Golf Course is well-known around the world. Apart from the usual hazards and obstacles, the long lake that borders the fairways adds to the challenge. The designer of the San Lorenzo Golf Course, Joseph Lee has been much-appreciated for this excellent creation.

The Victoria Golf Course, Vilamoura, Algarve

The Victoria Golf Course is a work of art; designed with stunning success by Arnold Palmer. Each hole in this course is of different size and shape with varying degree of sophistication. The most unforgettable hole at Victoria Golf is the par-5, 17th.

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