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Tips For Golfers Selecting From 9-Hole Courses East Algarve

With such a range of courses throughout the Algarve region, it can be tough deciding on which to play, especially when coming over to Portugal for your first golfing holiday. Perhaps, for your first trip, it is a good idea to play a number of the 9-hole courses found throughout the area, particularly in the eastern Algarve region. The great thing about a 9-hole course is that you can play a quick round in the morning and then spend the rest of the day with your family, taking in all the amazing sights and sounds of the Algarve – and don’t forget the incredible cuisine.

But which courses should you play? Let’s take a closer look.

Pines Cliff Golf Resort

Pines Cliff Golf Resort hosts one of the most popular 9-hole layouts in the Algarve. The resort and golf course actually sit on the cliffs near the popular town of Albufeira. The course itself is well laid out and nestles near a number of beautiful white beaches, popular with tourists and locals alike. What makes Pines Cliff popular is the fact that it really offers something for the whole family, a real bonus when taking your clan on a holiday. Golf wise, the course is not too challenging, but keep a lookout for the final hole. Named ‘Devil’s Parlor’ it is famous in both Portugal and the rest of Europe. Here you stand high above the flag, aiming for a relatively small green below. The views of the cliffs and the ocean however, are simply stunning!

Castro Marim Golf Course

With three unique 9-hole courses, the Castro Marim Country Club is a great place to set as your base for a golfing holiday. Not only are there three different options to choose to play, the courses offer some beautiful views of the Guadiana river and across the Spanish border. Golf wise, the courses are a real challenge with many well-placed hazards looking to trip up golfers. In fact, beginners might struggle here, unless they are up for a challenge. Castro Marim includes a range of facilities for the whole family such as a nursery, sauna, swimming pool, tennis courts and numerous restaurants. Golfing facilities include a driving range and practice green as well as a pro shop.

Colina Verda Golf Resort

Set near the town of Tavira, the Colina Verde Golf Resort offers a 28 par, 9-hole layout that is very popular with golfers, particularly those wanting to work on their short game while playing a round. Here, many green approaches will require a range of clubs, particularly your irons. Other than a well-kept course, Colina Verde has many facilities including a putting green and a chipping and bunker practice area as well as restaurant and bar facilities.

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