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In Search Of Affordable All-Inclusive Golf Breaks To Portugal

The benefits of all-inclusive golf holidays

People who like "one stop shops" are keen on all-inclusive deals because they can pay once, play as many rounds of golf as they like and without having to pull their wallet out every time they tee it up on the first tee. Not only that, everything is organized so you can focus on the most important thing for you: your golf game.

All-inclusive resorts with golf courses on the site mean that you never have to leave. You have everything you need on site - the food, the accommodation, the practice facilities, the extra curricular facilities for yourself and your family.

However, all of this does come with a cost, so the topic of this article is to find all-inclusive golf in the Algarve but at an affordable price. Sound impossible? Don't be so sure.

It's a small world

The great thing about the Algarve is that many hotels are close to, and have links with, nearby courses. Therefore, don't worry about staying at a hotel without a golf course on site because the hotels and the courses will have linked packages. This means you can stay at a hotel and play many of the courses in the area. Therefore, it can make a lot of sense to choose your hotel/accommodation first, then research the golf packages that are available through that hotel.

Accommodation and golf options

Dom Pedro is a popular option that many Algarve golfers choose to stay at. The hotel as has lots of facilities and you have lots of courses just a couple of par 5s distance away. One of those is the Oceanico Millennium that never fails to delight visiting golfers.

The Penina Golf Resort is a famous option but have more of a premium price than Dom Pedor for example. However you do have the option of playing the par-3 golf course on site called The Academy. But don’t let the short length fool you; The Academy is a test of skill and nerve that requires strong iron play.

If you choose to stay at the NAU Sao Rafael Suite Hotel, you can play nearby courses such as Salgados, Morgado & Alamos. Once you are done with the golf, you are near the beach if you want to relax on the sand or there are the luxurious pool facilities at the hotel where you can frolic in the water and soak up the sun's rays.

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