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Good Advice On How To Find The Best Golf Break Deals In Algarve

The Internet has become the most powerful marketing tool in today’s world. Any business looking to reach an audience needs to have a good website that explains who they are and what they have to offer. It applies across all industries but few have benefitted as much as the travel industry. Most people now book their flights and accommodation personally online rather than using agents. Likewise golf courses now use the interactive opportunity provided to allow golfers to book their tee times by electronic mail.

There are plenty of things to consider for golfers wishing to travel abroad to play:

  • The availability of flights.
  • The quality of the courses.
  • Accommodation within an appropriate budget.
  • The anticipated condition of the courses based upon the climate.

When looking at the Algarve in Southern Portugal, there are few boxes that the region fails to tick.


The airport serving the region is in Faro, the capital, and it has plentiful flights from most regional airports to the north. The first courses were built here around half a century ago with new courses being opened on a regular basis. As golf has grown so has the demand for accommodation. There was already demand because of the beautiful beaches and fine year round climate. The tourist infrastructure in the Algarve has kept pace with demand.

Alternative Bases

The Algarve is a fairly compact area with a number of possible bases, specifically golf related or places where there is something for all the family by day when dad and his friends are on the golf course. Penina was the first course but there are many more now that have hosted professional competitions. None are too far from Faro where there are readily available hotel transfers and car rental facilities.

While the peak season is still the summer, there are golfers who are frustrated by the poor weather in a North European winter. In the Algarve there will never be any question of courses being flooded or closed because of ice or snow. Even a short weekend break is feasible, playing the same day as your outbound flight and in the morning before your return. It is the chance of a welcome break away from depressing weather in mid-winter or a good preparation in the spring when the summer competition season is about to start.
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