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Algarve Golf Map: 10 Hot Spots To Add To Your List

It is always a pleasure playing golf on some of the best courses in the world. When you come to Algarve, one thing that you can be guaranteed is the fact that you will have the time of your life here. The courses are amazing. So many of the courses you will come across here are courses that have received worldwide acclaim from players of all kinds; professionals and amateurs alike.

The following is a list of some of the best golf courses that you will need to include on your bucket list for the year:

  • Quinta da Ria
  • Quinta de Cima
  • Laranjal (Quinta do Lago)
  • Quinta do Lago North
  • Quinta do Lago South
  • Palmares
  • Oceanico Faldo
  • San Lorenzo
  • Oceanico Old
  • Monte Rei

Quinta da Ria

In operation since the year 2002, this course has been a sight to behold. The fact that it is the work of Rocky Roquemore further makes it one of the best options for you.

Quinta de Cima

This course is particularly designed for the professional golfers, and perhaps the amateur who feels they have become accomplished in their game.

Laranjal (Quinta do Lago)

Of the Quinta do Lago courses, this is the newest of them all. However, its popularity has in the recent past been on the rise as a result of the exemplary facilities available here.

Quinta do Lago North

This course was formerly referred to as Ria Formosa, in honor of the Ria Formosa National Reserve around it, which makes it quite a beauty to behold.

Quinta do Lago South

This course stands out particularly as a result of the imported greens, bunkers and tees, which gives it quite an exquisite American feel.


Referred to as the jewel in the crown of the Algarve, Palmares is every reason you need to come and play golf in Algarve. In operation since 1975, it never runs out of admirers.

Oceanico Faldo

Coming to play on this course requires a heightened sense of strategy. Without a good strategy you will barely ever manage to play this course the way you want.

San Lorenzo

It is impossible to mention courses within Algarve without a special mention of San Lorenzo. This is because it is a world class golf course, a championship course to be precise.

Oceanico Old

This is by far the oldest course in Vilamoura, and at the same time the best course you will ever come across here. You surely have to come and tee off from this course.

Monte Rei

There is every good reason for you to consider this particular course, especially with the beautiful views of the mountains north of the course, and the Atlantic to the south

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