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Dummies' Guide To Planning Weekend Golf Breaks In Portugal

Planning a weekend of nothing but golf in Portugal but you do not know where to start? Worry not, so many other people have found themselves in such a position in the past, but with some help they turned out just fine. For beginners, organizing that first trip to places like Almancil and Vilamoura might seem rather overwhelming for you. Heading to some of these places might seem all fun and games, which indeed they are, but the planning bit will tend to give you nightmares.

It is understandable because you are perhaps overly excited about your maiden golf trip into Portugal. You might be looking forward to so many things, and the excitement could really take over you. In as much as you might be looking forward to this, it is important that you stay on top of things. You must plan properly and make sure everything else goes according to plan.

The following are some brilliant ideas that will assist you as you plan on spending a weekend for your golf break in Portugal:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What’s your budget?
  • How many people are coming along?
  • Choose accommodation

Where do you want to go?

Just because you want to come and play in Portugal does not mean you will land and find things easy. In fact, you need to plan ahead of time, think about the places where you would love to play and then once that has been worked out, you can then proceed to have the time of your life.

What’s your budget?

In as far as planning is concerned, many are the newbies who normally come to play here without a good plan figured out. This is a terrible mistake, which will only make things difficult for you. Draw up a budget first, make sure it includes all you need it to, and most importantly, stick to it, and your weekend golf break will be incredible.

How many people are coming along?

Part of planning means you have to choose the number of people you are coming with. This is important particularly when you are planning this trip out of your own pocket.

Choose accommodation

It is best to choose not just the kind of accommodation that you need, but most importantly make sure that you are staying in a place close enough to the courses you will want to play on.

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